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  1. Automatic Password Recovery

    Use this link to watch a video to help you Set and Reset Your Password for Dock Appointment Scheduling.

    In order for you to recover your password automatically, you must have first entered a password recovery question and associated answer. To recover your password you will require the Company Name you are making deliveries to, your User Name, and the answer to your recovery question. This video will show you how.

  2. Support Portal

    Create/Manage Support Requests

    Registered users are able to create, update and manage your Bestrane support requests through our online support portal.

  3. Email Requests

    Password Reset Request to request the reset of your password.

    Supplier Details Update to update Supplier name, address and user information.

    Supplier Add Carrier to add Carriers working for Suppliers.

    Carrier Details Update to update Carrier name, address and user information.

    Support requests will be actioned within 24 business hours the request, provided sufficient information is provided.

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