Descartes Reservations™

Descartes Reservations™ facilitates online scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries; either self-service or as a decision support tool for customer service agents.


Descartes Reservations helps:

  • Increase the number of stops per driver.
  • Reduce total route distances.
  • Restrict inefficient or costly delivery options.Tailor service based on account or product importance.
  • Enable confirmed delivery windows while customers are online.
  • Provide customers delivery options without compromising profit.
  • Tailor offerings to reward key customers.


Intelligent reservation agent. Analyzes requests for delivery, order by order. Considers the schedule and presents options for the  appointment window, ranked based on a rules engine. Lets customers, or a customer service agent working on their behalf, choose among presented options.

Value-driven prioritisation. Employs a variety of criteria to evaluate the assignment of particular shipping windows, including profitability of the account and/or order, availability of the slot in reference to other orders, and customized business rules.

Robust yield management. Includes configuration options to restrict costly delivery options while offering incentives for more beneficial time slots. Lets users reserve preferred shipping windows for the most profitable customers, and automatically close off slots to those of lower priority.

Flexible configuration. Uses distributed architecture for deployment in a variety of manners that can align with a customer’s requirements (i.e., as an outward-facing customer service portal, back office support to an online store, or an extension to an internal customer service or scheduling application).

John Lewis Partnership

Danny Griffiths, Central Planning Manager, discusses John Lewis Partnership’s success using Descartes Reservations™ to improve route planning of their in-house fleet, while reducing delivery miles and transportation costs and significantly impacting their carbon footprint. Since implementing Descartes Reservations, John Lewis Partnership has reported a 500% increase in the take-up of additional services by offering customers a one-stop-shop to buy all products and services in one place with one click in-store or on the Web.

Retail Systems Research released the results of their Home Delivery Benchmark Study. Sponsored by Descartes Systems Group, this study surveyed 83 retail organisations, with the majority of respondents being “C” level executives. The study asks questions like: Who Is Running the Home Delivery Show?

And then identifies “Retail Winners, and Why They Win”.

A “must read” for all online, and bricks and mortar retailers, download your copy here:

Retail Systems Research - Home Delivery Benchmark - Retailers Brave New World (472 downloads)