Bestrane Group, an Australian-based logistics solutions provider, announced that Myer, a leading Australian retailer, is using Bestrane’s web-based Dock Appointment Scheduling solution (InFast) to help it manage and automate its inbound deliveries.

The Bestrane Dock Appointment Scheduling solution enables shippers, carriers and consignees to collaboratively schedule loading dock appointments automatically via the Internet. By sharing the responsibility for loading dock door scheduling to inbound carriers and suppliers, rather than solely to Myer’s warehouse personnel, Myer has streamlined its dock appointment process. By ensuring its supply chain partners have visibility into requested, scheduled and rescheduled dock appointments, Descartes’ solution helps Myer optimize its receiving operations for inbound shipments to its warehouses, minimising its demurrage and receiving labour.

For Myer, lead times, inventory, promotion dates and ensuring compliance are mission critical factors to manage its operations. As part of its company turnaround strategy, Myer committed to developing a world-class supply chain and identified that the visibility and coordination of inbound freight shipments to its warehouses were critical to improving its supply chain performance. Historically, its process was manual, requiring suppliers and carriers to make multiple calls into each Myer Regional Distribution Center to determine delivery slots into the Myer warehouses.

With four distribution centers currently live, over 200 carriers and over 800 suppliers able to access the Bestrane Dock Appointment Scheduling solution using the internet, Myer has reduced the time for booking a request to a confirmed delivery slot from hours down to several minutes as well as assist in the management of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Legislation. This has enabled Myer resources to focus time on other areas of the business and serving its customers. Bestrane has provided Myer with real-time visibility into warehouse dock staffing requirements, allowing it to coordinate the flow of inbound freight to staff availability.

“Myer’s commitment to improving the efficiency of our supply chain has never been stronger. A key focus for us is enabling a platform that facilitates open communication across the entire supply chain to ensure visibility, transparency and the sharing of plans and information. We are working together with suppliers and carriers towards the same outcomes. Bestrane’s Dock Appointment Scheduling solution provides greater control over our inbound freight processes, which in turn enables us to more effectively manage warehouse operations, eliminate non value added ‘back-and-forth’ communications with our carriers and significantly reduce wait time at our docks.” said Darragh Miller, National Supply Chain Manager at Myer. “Bestrane provides us with a flexible solution that enables us to improve our operations and delivery performance whilst at the same time improving our overall service. Our suppliers win, our customers win and so does our bottom line.”

“Myer sets a high standard for other retailers that are looking to optimize their inbound freight operations and maximise their operational efficiency,” said Joe Giblin, Principal of Bestrane. “Our solutions enable organizations like Myer to simplify their complex delivery operations, and gain greater control over essential processes.”

Bestrane teamed with Descartes Systems Group to provide this solution for Myer. Bestrane Group worked with Myer to develop the solution design and engaged with Descartes to modify the solution to suit Australian conditions.

“The Bestrane Group is proud to work with Myer and Descartes Systems Group to deliver this value-add solution for Myer” said David Sanders, Managing Director of Bestrane Group. “The ability to enable carriers and suppliers to schedule their arrival at Myer distribution centers is not only far more efficient but also reduces each party’s exposure under Chain of Responsibility legislation. Descartes’ solutions form a key plank in our strategy to continue to provide best in class, web based logistics solutions to the Australian Marketplace”

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