Bestrane Group has begun the  New Year with the completion of a new integration between Bestrane Gateway and Vehicle Management Systems (Minorplanet) Greenlight.

Bestrane Gateway™ integrates carriers existing GPS provider information to the Descartes wGLN, and makes this vehicle location available to Descartes On Demand Route Planner and Dispatch service.

Not only does this provide visibility of where the vehicles are, but when combined with On Demand Route Planner, carriers are able to create optimised delivery plans, and generate “arrive” and “depart” messages giving Plan vs. Actual capabilities… simply through use of existing GPS information.

Bestrane customer, Gregory’s Transport, has existing investment in GPS device technology with VMS. Gregorys are now providing a higher level of service to their customers through the use of On Demand Route Planner from Bestrane, where customer deliveries may be tracked in real time, and be alerted to any potential customer service issues during the delivery process.

Through the use of Bestrane Gateway, Bestrane customers are not required to trash existing GPS technology investments in order to gain access to Plan vs. Actual delivery visibility and alerting”, according to David Sanders, General Manager for Bestrane. “Integration was very straight forward with the API’s provided with Greenlight”.

Vehicle Management Systems (Minorplanet) Greenlight