RouteSmart for ArcGIS

19Feb 2015

What Do 200+ Newspapers Have in Common? Large and small, 200+ newspapers across the country know that distribution costs typically account for their greatest expense (after gathering the news). That’s why they’re using RouteSmart Online today to automate their daily routing process. Revolutionize your delivery routes and get big results with RouteSmart Online. Our route […]

08Aug 2012

Brisbane Australia, August 2012. APN News and Media is a leading publisher and distributor of newspapers across Australia and New Zealand, with 20 daily newspapers, and over 100 non-daily newspapers. APN News and Media has selected RouteSmart for ArcGIS™, supplied and implemented by Bestrane, to help reorganise newspaper delivery operations. “Newspapers are facing rapidly changing […]

06May 2011

Today Bestrane Group has launched a service to plan newspaper home deliveries on behalf of newspaper distributors. Working closely with selected newsagents, Bestrane has used RouteSmart for ArcGIS to develop a service where distributors of newspapers to residential homes can submit their list of subscribers to Bestrane, and receive back driving/walking/cycling routes.