Coates Hire, a valued Bestrane customer, has been featured in the December 2018 edition of DC Velocity. In this article Adam Welch, Manager for Transport Logisitics, explains how Coates Hire has deployed Descartes Route Planner, Descartes Transportation Manager, and Descartes MobileLINK to help manage the 160 fleet vehicles and 300+ external carriers to both reduce costs and improve customer service. Key to realising these benefits has been the centralisation of the planning teams. Previously all transport planning was controlled at a branch level. This function has now been moved to centralised state based offices, where dedicated planners are supported by the Bestrane/Descartes solution. Using this approach, the transport planners can us the system to decide which transport moves should be performed on Coates Hire owned vehicles (to improve utilisation), and when to use external carriers (with the appropriate vehicles and best transport rate)

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