Bestrane customers are taking advantage of driver route tracking throughout their delivery day using Descartes MobileLINK to record where their drivers have been, for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Descartes MobileLINK not only provides the drivers with all the data required to complete their route for the day without needing to handle paper manifests, but records and communicates data about where the drivers have been in near real time. GPS and event data (arrival and completion at stops) is time stamped. This is allowing Descartes MobileLINK customers to retrieve this information if required in the future to assist with contact tracing.

The data collected by Descartes MobileLINK will help answer questions like:

  • Which drivers have made a delivery to this customer in the past 14 days?
  • What customers has this driver visited in the past 14 days?

Operations which have people out in the field, such as pick up and delivery drivers, are coming to grips with the need for new operational processes and procedures post-COVID, and leveraging data being collected in existing systems to easily accommodate these changes.

This capability adds to the capabilities of Descartes MobileLINK workflow to help record driver health information announced last week.

For more information on how Bestrane can assist keeping your divers safe, please contact us