Public Sector

Descartes’ deep domain expertise and the technological breadth and depth provided by our Logistics Technology Platform make us a unique provider to the public sector.  Our customers in this space represent a broad spectrum of organisations from agencies that manage trade and transportation filing data, to public transit authorities looking to optimise and track buses.  Our platform can enable your organisation to meet the unique needs of a variety of logistics related projects. Our 30+ years of expertise is built into our technology and solutions for customs and regulatory compliance, transportation management and connectivity services. We can help your organisation accelerate deployment of logistics-intensive initiatives by taking advantage of our market proven experience in leveraging IT convergence and data related to shipments/inventory, conveyances, equipment, people, and commercial logistics and regulatory documents.

The Logistics Technology Platform is what helps to differentiate Bestrane as a software solution provider to the public sector. In working closely with our customers, we recognised that they wanted to work with a technology provider that understands their unique requirements and can provide a comprehensive set of solutions that work the same way they do. The Logistics Technology Platform was created to address these needs and provide a base for continuous innovation.  Descartes is unique in the marketplace in having three essential components needed to make the Logistics Technology Platform a reality: technology breadth, network density and financial strength.

The Logistics Technology Platform is a simple and elegant combination of network, applications and community that your organization can leverage.

The Bestrane Global Logistics Network™ (Bestrane GLN™): The industry’s most comprehensive logistics, regulatory and commercial messaging network and is the standard for multimodal, inter-enterprise electronic data and document exchange.

The Logistics Applications SuiteThe industry’s broadest array of modular interoperable web and wireless supply chain management solutions:

  • Routing, Mobile & Telematics: Full closed-loop control of route planning & execution, driver & vehicle performance and regulatory compliance
  • Transportation Management: End-to-end multimodal and multi-party management of purchased and prepaid transportation.
  • Customs & Regulatory Compliance: Multi-country solutions for per-notification for security screening and customs import/export declaration filing inclusive of back-end environments for regulatory agencies.
  • Descartes GLN Services: Broad array of connectivity, document management and community services.

The Global Logistics Community: The world’s most extensive global multimodal logistics community with over 172,000 connnected parties collaborating across over 160+ countries.