For retailers, reducing inventory carrying costs while efficiently satisfying customer demand is vital whether its managing the flow of inventory to distribution centers, to stores or direct to consumers.  We understand the challenges and complexities you face in trying to control inventory in motion across myriads of suppliers and logistics providers, different geographies and disparate systems and technology environments. Our unique technology platform and solutions for inventory flow control put Bestrane at the forefront of assisting retailers in leveraging the benefits of converging commercial, logistics and customs compliance processes across the supply chain.

Leading retailers both large and small depend on Bestrane’s technology to better manage the end-to-end processes involved in the transportation of goods from their supplier to their consumer. The breadth and depth of the supply chain software solutions we can provide through our Logistics Technology Platform are unparalleled in the market and include innovative capabilities that span:

  • purchased transportation management system;
  • fleet management software;
  • customs and regulatory compliance;
  • connecting and collaborating with trading partners;
  • supply chain visibility for managing inventory flow;
  • measuring performance across suppliers and carriers;
  • and more…

Our record of innovation for retail, with cloud-based solutions and “pay as you use” pricing, can help your operations compete and perform at the highest levels.

Industry Applications

  • Apparel Retailers
  • Consumer Electronics Retailers
  • Furniture & Appliance Retailers
  • Grocery, Convenience & Pharmacy Retailers
  • Mass Merchants
  • Specialty Retail