With the challenge of containing COVID-19 is understood, with social distancing and delivery distancing having the desired effect of flattening the curve, focus is now turning to kick starting economies, getting people back to work. With this comes the challenge of also getting children back to school safely. Bestrane has partnered with FetchKids™ to help maintain social distancing for the points in a school day where the risk of coronavirus transmission is at its highest, morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

FetchKids™ allows schools to set staggered dismissal times, and communicate these to parents/guardians/carers of the students. Details of the person picking up the child (name, photograph, vehicle license plate) are registered with the school, and managed by the parents, such that when the authorised person arrives to the school, the school is able to release the child securely, and safely. The arriving person is able to use FetchKids™ to calculate the estimated time of arrival, communicate this to the school, such that the school knows when the authorised person arrives in their vehicle. The school can see where the arriving vehicle is on a map, and listed with details. There is no needs for the authorised person performing the pickup to get out of their car, thereby reducing the risk of virus transmission between the community and the school.

Deployed in several countries around the world, FetchKids™ is a world leader in controlled school drop off and pick up activities, with functionality to help schools and parents. Bestrane is delighted to have partnered with FetchKids™ to bring this important capability to schools in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on FetchKids™ and how it may help your children back to school with lower bio-security risk, and higher physical security, please contact Bestrane.

e: info@bestrane.com.au

t: +61 3 9001 1565