February 2016 – Melbourne Australia


MobileDOCK is a world leader in automated appointment booking systems for logistics and retail centres, and city precincts. Building on this success, and working towards being a key technology underpinning ‘Smart Cities’, MobileDOCK is excited to announce the development and release of new automated control and monitoring capabilities for use with MobileDOCK. Partnering with innovative parking systems partner, SmartParking (www.smartparking.com), MobileDOCK is able to automatically recognise the arrival and departure of vehicles to booked parking spaces, updating the status of bookings, and alert to booking variances, such as arrived with no booking, arrived early, stayed too long. An RFID tag carried in the vehicle uniquely identifies the vehicle, and for which carrier they are working for. By partnering with SmartParking, MobileDOCK has leveraged on street and off street parking monitoring for loading zones and loading docks to help reduce congestion in built up city precincts by smoothing out parking demand to supply, provide visibility of available spaces, give certainty of delivery plans, and when they actually happened.
mobiledock parking

MobileDOCK and SmartParking are working with major cities in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world to bring together ‘Smart City’ capabilities to cities where resident and commercial activities have grown to the extent that maintaining city amenity and liability have become ‘hot’ social and political topics. “Technologies available for monitoring and controlling the use of vital city assets, such as loading zones and loading docks have rapidly evolved in the last 3 years. Combining these technologies with MobileDOCK is the next natural step to provide intelligence to this monitoring. Combining SmartParking with MobileDOCK, we can not only determine if a parking space is occupied, but if it is occupied by an authorised vehicle which is supposed to be there”, said Dave Sanders, MobileDOCK CEO. “Bringing these capabilities to market is exciting, and has never been done before”.SmartParking Sensor

MobileDOCK is a Bestrane Group Company.

For more information visit www.mobiledock.com or contact MobileDOCK at info@mobileDOCK.com.

For more information about SmartParking visit www.smartparking.com