May 2016, Melbourne, Australia. In response to the huge success of MobileDOCK, where carriers are delivering to many MobileDOCK controlled destinations, Bestrane has updated MobileDOCK to allow for easier booking and management of appointments. The new MobileDOCK is designed with the carrier/supplier community as the primary focus. Users of the new MobileDOCK are able to log-in once. From here they able to see bookings for all destinations they have registered for, such as Westfield (Sydney, Bondi, etc…), Barangaroo South, and others.

“This is a recognition of the success of MobileDOCK”, say Bestrane Managing Director, David Sanders. “As the adoption of MobileDOCK has spread through cities, such as Sydney, the carrier community has asked for a single point to manage their bookings. We have listened, and delivered”. David then went on to say, “The response from the first carriers using the updated MobileDOCK has been very favourable. MobileDock has helped the carriers get into destinations without delays. Now we are helping them make and manage their booking easier and faster too”.

Also included in this update to MobileDOCK is a application technology which sees:

  • Compatibility of most common mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Responsive user interface which reorganises to the size of the device screen.
  • RESTful API services for faster response times.
  • Integration with:
    • Automatic boom gates with “Single Use PIN” (SUP) for each appointment, providing unattended and highly secure arrive and depart events.
    • In ground parking sensors with RFID, which identify vehicles parking in bays, and trigger arrive and depart events against approved bookings.
MobileDOCK in desktop mode

MobileDOCK in desktop mode


MobileDOCK in mobile mode

MobileDOCK in mobile mode

“This release is a significant leap forward for MobileDOCK. We have invested heavily into supporting the MobileDOCK community”.

If you are an existing Dock Appointments or MobileDOCK user, register for access to *NEW* MobileDOCK here.

Pariticipate in an online training course for this new release of MobileDOCK… MobileDOCK Online Training