MobileDOCK Upgrade

MobileDOCK Upgrade

A new version of MobileDOCK is now available, and has been moved to or by clicking on the orange *NEW* MobileDOCK icon below. The previous version of MobileDOCK will be has been retired, and will no longer be available.

The upgraded MobileDOCK has many benefits to the Carrier/Supplier/Retailer community. One of these is the ability to book and manage appointments for multiple destinations with a single login. Use the links at the bottom of this page to learn more and register.

Please take the time to register in the *NEW* MobileDOCK to be able to book appointments.

MobileDOCK Support

  1. *NEW* MobileDOCK

    MobileDOCK has been completely redesigned. The primary purpose of doing this is to allow easier access for the carrier and supplier community. This includes:

    • Booking and Booking Management for multiple destinations (company’s) from a single login. Register your Dock Appointments credentials for different destinations once, and then book and manage appointments for all these destinations in 1 place.
    • Compatibility for most common mobile browsers, such as Android and Apple iOS. Screen are designed to display for mobile devices.

    Your MobileDOCK account is now separate from your Dock Appointments username and password. The process for getting up and running with *NEW* MobileDOCK is:

    1. Create a MobileDOCK account. Click here to begin creating your account.
    2. Register your Dock Appointments credentials for different each destination you deliver too.
    3. Start booking….. Click here to start booking if you already have an account.

    Please refer to the video help links below to assist with getting up and running with *NEW* MobileDOCK:

    Create MobileDOCK account

    Register Dock Appointments destination credentials

    Book and manage your appointments

    Filter and find your appointments

    The MobileDOCK Forums contain many Frequently Asked Questions in the MobileDOCK FAQ Forum

  2. Automatic Password Recovery

    Use this link to watch a video to help you Set and Reset Your Password for Dock Appointment Scheduling.

    In order for you to recover your password automatically, you must have first entered a password recovery question and associated answer. To recover your password you will require the Company Name you are making deliveries to, your User Name, and the answer to your recovery question. This video will show you how.


  4. Destination Contacts and Support

    Where you are having difficulty making a booking for a destination, or need to reset your, or change your company details, please contact one of the destination centres directly:

    Email Westfield docks, or call on 02 8236 9259.

    Email Barangaroo South dock master, or call on 0423 747 529.

    Email Emporium Melbourne dock master, or call on 0475 100 210.

    For issues relating to MobileDOCK functionality, or application issues, please contact MobileDOCK:

    Email MobileDOCK Service Support for application issues.

    Support requests will be actioned within 24 business hours the request, provided sufficient information is provided.

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