January 2016 – Melbourne Australia.

MobileDOCK, world leader in automated appointment booking systems for logistics and retail centres, and city precincts, is pleased to announce the development and release of MobileDOCK Boomgate. Using MobileDOCK Boomgate, provides the ability to validate arrivals to facilities using a ‘once use’ PIN code. In real time, the PIN is used to identify the carrier/vehicle arriving to the facility, check they have an approved booking, for the specific gate, at that date and time. And if valid, automatically control the boomgate to allow entry to the facility, completely unattended. “The real key here is the ability to link the PIN code to the booking, and the booking to the facility and gate”, said MobileDOCK CEO Dave Sanders. “With this link in place, we are able to extend the benefits of booking and execution control to those customers who do not have attended gates house or entrances. A perfect example of this is retail centres, where there will typically be several street entrances with boom gates. It is critical that the delivery vehicle arrives at the correct gate, as retailers in the centre are best serviced from specific dock areas. Retail centre managers do not want deliveries being wheeled through prime public retail space”.

mobiledock boomgate

The use of MobileDOCK Boomgate to validate booking arrivals, not only controls entry, but also updates the status of the booked appointment, which provides notifications and visibility to all parties connected to the booking, the centre management, retailer expecting the delivery, and carrier dispatcher responsible for making the sure the delivery is made successfully. Once the PIN code has been used, it can no longer be used, and will not activate the boom gate for entry. “When designing a capability like this, the meaning of real-time becomes important”, said Scott Hancock, CTO for MobileDOCK. “A driver will be at the keypad expecting immediate response, not near real-time. All information about the PIN code and booking are held out in the cloud. The round trip for validation in the cloud, and activation of the boom gate happens instantaneously, through advanced messaging and caching technologies”.

MobileDOCK is a Bestrane Group company.

For more information visit www.mobiledock.com or contact MobileDOCK at info@mobileDOCK.com.