Bestrane is pleased to announce the availability of MobileLINK for Android from Descartes Systems Group. MobileLINK for Android provides highly functional and configurable mobile workflows on Android devices. Previously only available on Windows Mobile, MobileLINK for Android brings scanning, photograph, sign-on-glass, and navigation capabilities to a broad range of industrial and consumer devices, providing capabilities as:

  • Proof of delivery
  • Automatic vehicle Location
  • Real-time updates and visibility
  • Turn-by-turn navigation

“Event based triggers within MobileLINK allows for the configuration of a limitless number of different workflow paths, dependent upon the type of order being delivered”, says Scott Hancock, Group Technology Director at Bestrane.

‘Out of the box’ integration with Descartes Route Planner and Descartes Route Planner On Demand provides immediate plan versus actual capabilities, all supported by a single supplier.

For more information, visit the Descartes product page here.

MobileLINK Enroute

MobileLINK Signature

MobileLINK Navigation