12Jun 2020

As schools are heading back to face-to-face classes, parents are concerned about their children’s safety during this period of COVID-19 outbreak and control. Those children who might normally take public transport to/from school are now being dropped off and picked up by a parent, guardian, or carer. This is on top of those how would […]

26May 2020

Bestrane customers are taking advantage of driver route tracking throughout their delivery day using Descartes MobileLINK to record where their drivers have been, for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Descartes MobileLINK not only provides the drivers with all the data required to complete their route for the day without needing to handle paper manifests, […]

15May 2020

With the challenge of containing COVID-19 is understood, with social distancing and delivery distancing having the desired effect of flattening the curve, focus is now turning to kick starting economies, getting people back to work. With this comes the challenge of also getting children back to school safely. Bestrane has partnered with FetchKids™ to help maintain […]

24Mar 2020

To all Bestrane customers We are all in the midst of an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic with daily updates and actions being taken by governments around the world. During these uncertain times, the health and well-being of our families, staff, friends and the community at large is paramount. As is supporting our customers through these times. […]