Omni Service

Logistics led technology is at the forefront of customer service, providing seamless interaction with your customers from the very first placement of an order. Providing your customers the choice of delivery service level, same day, next day, 2 hour, 4 hour or all day. Allowing the selection of value added services, such as installation of new appliances and removal of old. And enabling these choices regardless of ordering channel, online, in store, call centre or IVR, in a true omni approach. Then keeping your customer informed of their orders journey from start to finish. Not just through simple text or email messages, but through an immersive end user experience accessed through a single link for the entire order journey, all they way to a branded interactive map showing the truck/van driving towards the customer. Again, no matter what channel the order was placed through.

The Bestrane Omni-Service Solution is automated through out the entire process, with data events and comparisons triggering customer updates in real time. This approach to logistics led customer service in an omni mode provides the platform for competing on service, not price.


  • Competitive differentiation
  • Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Opportunity for revenue uplift

Bestrane Omni-Service combines the technology of 5 seamlessly integrated leading technologies.