Route Planning & Execution

RouteSmart for ArcGIS

RouteSmart provides affordable, scalable and proven routing technology solutions along with unmatched professional expertise.


Glympse™ is a branded customer experience based upon location. Glympse™ helps companies empower their customers, by providing certainty around deliveries and services, eliminating customer anxiety, and increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time greatly reducing inbound service calls to a companies call centre, reducing costs. Glympse™ pioneered temporary location based sharing technology.


Bestrane proudly brings the world’s largest commercial telematics company to our Australian customers.

Descartes Sales and Territory Planning™

Top line growth is the number one objective for consumer oriented manufacturers and distributors. Being able to manage the sales representative and merchandiser activity end-to end is one of the keys to driving top line growth.

Descartes Route Planner™

Descartes Route Planner is a true enterprise-wide route planning solution. Descartes Route Planner is part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite and incrementally builds shipment schedules and route plans.

Descartes Route Planner RS™ (Roadshow RS)

Descartes Route Planner RS™ builds optimal plans based on available routes, fleet resources, and field personnel including large and small sales and merchandising business

Descartes Reservations™

Descartes Reservations™ facilitates online scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries; either self-service or as a decision support tool for customer service agents.

Descartes On-Demand Route Planner™

Part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite, Descartes Route Planner On-demand is based on an affordable subscription model and is available on a pay-as-you-go basis to reduce upfront costs and help meet your organization’s need for logistics functionality.

Descartes MobileLink™

Descartes MobileLINK™ provides integrated two-way wireless communication and passive monitoring capabilities for enhanced logistics execution. It extends traditional route planning by incorporating a free flow of information between dispatch and the field.

Bestrane Truck Tracker™

Truck Tracker™ allows carriers to GPS track vehicles simply with the use of a plug and connect using the Geotab Go device.

Bestrane Speed Monitor™

Bestrane Speed Monitor™ allows organisations to monitor and manage driver/truck speed - the number 1 factor affecting safety and fuel economy.

Bestrane Notification Service™

Bestrane Notification Service™ (BNS) is used to monitor and detect changes in data, in near real time, and initiate automatic outbound communications.

Bestrane Gateway™

Bestrane Gateway™ integrates carriers existing GPS provider information to the Descartes wGLN, and makes this vehicle location available to Descartes On Demand Route Planner and Dispatch service.