Bestrane MobileDock™

MobileDOCK™ is a community focused appointment booking and execution solution designed to allow destination locations, to set the policies under which the loading dock bays and other space assets will be managed and monitored.


MobileDOCK™ is a community focused appointment booking and execution solution designed to allow destination locations, to set the policies under which the loading dock bays and other space assets will be managed and monitored. Members of the destinations surrounding commercial community collaborate through MobileDOCK to coordinate efficient, securedeliveries where every participant in the process obtains material benefits.

MobileDOCK™, from Bestrane, is an industry leading dock booking service, completely hosted, and used from any modern desktop or mobile browser , placing information at the point of activity, the booker, the gate guard, the driver, the compliance officer, the receiver.

MobileDOCK Desktop

MobileDOCK mobile phone browser

MobileDOCK has been successfully deployed in many different operational environments:

  • Distribution Centres
  • Retail Shopping Centres
  • City Precincts
  • City Congestion Charge Zones

There are several components to MobileDOCK:

  • MobileDOCK Core – the core booking and management of appointments through a webapp
  • MobileDOCK ETA – a driver facing module of the MobileDOCK webapp which allows drivers to get and provide ETA projections against bookings
  • MobileDOCK Check In/Out – an Android/iOS based app which allows gate guards to scan, validate, and update arrivals and departures
  • MobileDOCK Boom Gate – an automated validation of a vehicle arrival through a once use PIN code, which will control an entry boom gate
  • MobileDOCK License Plate – provides the ability to automatically validate arrivals to a destination using automated license plate recognition


MobileDOCK Boom Gate


MobileDOCK Check In/Out allows the destinations to control the execution of those booked appointments in real-time, from a mobile device, without the need for personnel to be tethered to a desktop computer.

Gate personnel are able to use MobileDOCK Check In/Out to confirm a vehicle which presents at the gate has a valid booked appointment. MobileDOCK Check In/Out will show gate personnel details of the appointment, such as the supplier, carrier, booked date and time and assigned dock. This allows gate personnel to have sufficient information to allow the vehicle on to the site or not.

In real-time, gate personnel can update the appointment status in MobileDOCK immediately, providing visibility of the current status to all related MobileDOCK users. Dock personnel may use MobileDOCK to retrieve the same appointment details as gate personnel, together with current appointment status to validate vehicles arriving to the dock area, and update the booking  with dock area status updates, such as ‘on dock’ and ‘off dock’.

MobileDOCK may be configured to add process structure to the appointment execution process. Based upon the current appointment status, a configured list of possible next status options is automatically displayed in MobileDOCK for the user to select, and update the appointment.

In addition MobileDOCK can be configured to allow the collection of other relevant data each time an appointments’ status is updated. This is a very powerful tool and will assist in managing Chain of Responsibility or CoR requirements.

For example vehicle drivers’ date and time of legal hours expiry can be collected before they are permitted on site, which is especially relevant for Chain of Responsibility legislation compliance.

Other examples include the vehicle registration number, odometer, weight haulage etc. Data collected in this manner is saved in fields reserved for user data and is available for reporting through reporting functions.



Simon Poppleton, Loading Dock Manager at Emporium Melbourne explains how MobileDock by Bestrane has enabled the efficient, award-winning docks in the heart of Melbourne.