Bestrane Notification Service™

Bestrane Notification Service™ (BNS) is used to monitor and detect changes in data, in near real time, and initiate automatic outbound communications.

Bestrane Notification Service™ can be configured detect very complex and granular data scenarios, with an understanding of current data context in relation to previous data context. Notifications can be to traditional communications channels, such as email, and text/SMS, but can equally integrate out to other external services, such as Glympse™ to provide real time visibility, or a call centre application to raise support tickets.

These communications may be as simple as sending a Text/SMS message to a customer saying that their order is scheduled for delivery. It could be as complex as driving a full customer order journey where every step of order creation to final delivery is monitored, and where required, communicated to the end customer (when everything is going well, or just slightly off target), or to your customer call centre to personally contact the customer (when things are going less well).



Animation of the full Glympse Journey for Origin Energy powered by Bestrane Notification Service