Bestrane Truck Tracker™

Truck Tracker™ allows carriers to GPS track vehicles simply with the use of a plug and connect using the Geotab Go device.

Truck Tracker™ allows carriers to GPS track vehicles easily with the use of a a Geotab Go which plugs into the vehicle diagnostics port. The install can take as little as 2 minutes, and your vehicle is connected. GPS data gathered from the device can be used to track the vehicle in real time, monitor driver performance, and engine performance/diagnostics. All data is transmitted in real time, and available for viewing and reporting.

Truck Tracker™ information may also be integrated with Descartes Route Planner On Demand™, and Descartes Route Planner™, where carriers will be able to create optimised delivery plans, and generate “arrive” and “depart” messages giving Plan vs. Actual capabilities… simply through use of Truck Tracker™.

Truck Tracker™ runs in the background, gathering GPS and sending messages, without any driver interaction. But if you want more, then there is a marketplace full of add on applications and devices to maximise the value of Truck Tracker™ .