Descartes On-Demand Route Planner™

Part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite, Descartes Route Planner On-demand is based on an affordable subscription model and is available on a pay-as-you-go basis to reduce upfront costs and help meet your organization’s need for logistics functionality.


  • Reduction in driver hours by comparing actual performance against engineered plan
  • Accountability for a.m. and p.m., break and service times
  • Increased stops per paid hour
  • Reduced fuel consumption, kilometres driven
  • Improved exception management and tracking of field inventory
  • Improved service through real-time visibility
  • Ability to benchmark driver performance in comparison to industry standards
  • Confirmed customer time windows
  • Reduced data entry costs
  • Reduced customer service costs by empowering front line workers
  • Geocoding functionality
  • Static routes are assigned delivery times and kilometres calculated
  • Changes at dispatch can be incorporated in real time
  • Visual mapping tools

Route Planner On-demand is comprised of a number of full-featured Web-based modules that are distinct in their functionality and operate independently, yet work together seamlessly to create an end-to-end solution.

American Hotel Register

Shari Wiseman, Transportation Business Manager for American Hotel Register – one of the largest suppliers of hospitality supplies, describes the ease of use of Descartes’ route planning solution (Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand) and the continued commitment and support from the Descartes team.