Descartes Route Planner™

Descartes Route Planner is a true enterprise-wide route planning solution. Descartes Route Planner is part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite and incrementally builds shipment schedules and route plans.

Descartes Route Planner™ is a true enterprise-wide route planning solution. Descartes Route Planner is part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite and incrementally builds shipment schedules and route plans. As each new order is received, the schedule is regenerated in real time to reallocate resources to optimize operating efficiencies, deliver priority service to the most profitable accounts and routes, and maintain overall customer service objectives. Descartes Route Planner™ can satisfy batch, wave or incremental operational requirements.

Descartes Route Planner™ is geared towards organizations that are looking for a routing solution that is tightly integrated into enterprise processes and that have customers and orders that change right up to and beyond the time of dispatch.


Descartes Route Planner™ helps reduce operating costs by:

  • Coordinating users in a centrally maintained server
  • Decreasing expediting costs and overtime charges
  • Enhancing fleet capacity utilisation
  • Minimising distance traveled, stop duration, and fuel usage
  • Reducing fleet size necessary to service orders
  • Enhance customer service and retention by facilitating the ability to meet contractual performance goals
  • Improving on-time performance rates
  • Offering more accurate arrival and departure times


Adaptive planning – Reanalyzes and reoptimises plans as customer requirements, routes, and orders change. Determines best resources (truck, driver, and route) to use, and order sequence. Includes optimisation criteria such as lowest cost, shortest route and shortest distance between stops. Also considers such factors as the cost per stop, route, and customer. Flexibly models company specific business rules and transportation practices.

Distributed architecture – Supports multi-site, multiuser scenarios. Facilitates centralised control and management, as well as real-time collaborative decision support so transportation assets can be shared across territorial and functional boundaries. Simplifies integration and maintenances.

Fleet-wide visibility – Offers multiple perspectives of orders, jobs, and routes to facilitate management and changes to route plans. Dynamically linked map and schedule text views provide information on capacity usage, time to service each stop, alternative available resources, and route profitability

Geographic intelligence – Employs an extensive digital road network to support street-level optimization. Provides more accurate drive time calculations than traditional point-to-point projections. Yields precise arrival estimates, route assignments, and performance metrics. Automates translation of addresses into precise longitude and latitude locations.

Route Planning as a Service

Bestrane offers Descartes Route Planner as a fully hosted/supported service. All aspects of hosting, support, maintenance and upgrades is provided as a single subscription, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services. By partnering with AWS, Bestrane is able to provide flexible hosting services, able to scale for every workload, with high availability across multiple regions and zones. The expertise of Bestrane personnel in the hosting of Descartes Route Planner combined with AWS secure services, gives our customers the most reliable planning service at the best total cost of ownership.
Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

The Best in Market

It is all too easy for companies to claim they are ‘the best’, and all too commonly not accurate. The combination of Descartes Reservations, Descartes Route Planner, Descartes Mobile, Bestrane Notification Service, and Glympse provides industry leading customer service for homer delivery. Companies who want to excel in customer service for home delivery select Bestrane and Descartes. Companies such as Woolworths Online, Home Depot, Williams Sonoma, Safeway, and PlaceMakers are industry and thought leaders, and they are all supported with the Descartes Delivery Suite.

Descartes Route Planning and Optimisation Explained:


Customer Success Story:


Woolworths is Australia’s #1 online grocer, taking out the Canstar Blue award for No.1 Customer Satisfaction for Online Groceries  in 2018, and has also been Awarded #1 for Online Grocery Service by Choice Recommended. Read here for more details.

Bestrane is proud to have supported the delivery of online orders for Woolworths through extensive growth in the past 5 years.


PlaceMakers is New Zealand’s leading and largest supplier of building materials and hardware. PlaceMakers is 100% committed to our customers, and employs over 2,100 people and assist over 300,000 customers. Read here for more details…

New Zealand-based PlaceMakers improves delivery satisfaction levels by 50%


Recently, the Auckland -based company decided it needed a better system for scheduling deliveries to its more than 300,000 retail and trade customers. So it turned to Bestrane Group, a Melbourne, Australia-based  supplier of “Best in Class”  logistics technology from developers such as The Descartes Systems Group Inc. Based on Bestrane’s recommendation, PlaceMakers implemented the cloud-based Descartes Route Planner solution to centralise its distribution planning operations across the country together with an automated ‘state of the art’ customer notification platform to radically re-engineer the customer delivery experience.


PlaceMakers completed the software deployment around the middle of 2020 and has already seen some impressive benefits including:

  • a 40% to 50% increase in delivery satisfaction,
  • “significant” financial savings in transportation and internal business process
  • reduced inbound calls by 16%,
  • increased load utilisation by 13%,
  • reduced loading times by 14%.

Find out more about how these incredible results were achieved…. Click Here


Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bestrane provides a complete SaaS route planning service for Placemakers, delivering a reliable secure service.
Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Ferguson Enterprises

Joe Zanette, Solution Manager, at Ferguson Enterprises, explains how the company has successfully deployed the GPS fleet solutions, Descartes Route Planner™ and Descartes Mobile™, to over 800 trucks and is expanding that number to cover nearly 2,200 additional vehicles. Ferguson Enterprises, the largest distributor of residential and commercial plumbing supplies in the United States, has benefited from features such as electronic proof-of-delivery as well as real-time status visibility to their customers and inside sales associates. Ferguson has also realized “significant improvements” in both customer service and operational leverage through the use of Descartes technology.


Todd Strickler, Logistics Manager for Sanimax- leading BioReturn™ company, explains his reasons for choosing Descartes’ transportation management system-TMS (Descartes Transportation Manager™) and route planning solution (Descartes Route Planner™).


Jeff Schram, General Manager at UBCR- providing an industry solution to picking up empty beverage containers, explains his relationship with Descartes and describes his success using Descartes’ route planning, fleet management and mobile solutions.


US LBM was founded in 2009 and is the 13th largest lumber and building materials distributor in the country. They have more than 60 locations across 11 states. Their primary focus is on customers that require specialized services, such as custom home builders and professional re-modelers as well as multifamily and commercial contractors. US LBM determined that they needed an automated routing and scheduling solution that was able to accommodate a highly variable environment that required great operational discipline and predictability. After completing all their research, they chose to go with Descartes because of Descartes’ willingness to work with them to ensure all their requirements were met.

W.S. Badcock Corporation

Frank E. Miller, CCS, Director of Logistics with W.S. Badcock Corporation, explains how his organisation has improved customer service, become more efficient, reduced equipment, and improved safety using Descartes Fleet Management solution.

WAXIE Sanitary Supply

Eric Cohen from WAXIE Sanitary Supply, America’s Largest Family-owned Distributor of Sanitary Supplies & Equipment, discusses the simple transition and deployment of the Descartes Routing solution and the positive impact the technology had on their operations.

Retail Systems Research released the results of their Home Delivery Benchmark Study. Sponsored by Descartes Systems Group, this study surveyed 83 retail organisations, with the majority of respondents being “C” level executives. The study asks questions like: Who Is Running the Home Delivery Show?

And then identifies “Retail Winners, and Why They Win”.

A “must read” for all online, and bricks and mortar retailers, download your copy here:

Retail Systems Research - Home Delivery Benchmark - Retailers Brave New World (884 downloads)