As schools are heading back to face-to-face classes, parents are concerned about their children’s safety during this period of COVID-19 outbreak and control. Those children who might normally take public transport to/from school are now being dropped off and picked up by a parent, guardian, or carer. This is on top of those how would usually do the drop off and pick up. So congestion and close proximity of people is happening, and is a concern to all involved; school managers, teachers, parents, and children.

  • School Managers want to keep their campus virus free and continuing to operate in the safest manner possible
  • Teachers want to know that they can continue to teach in a safe environment
  • Parents want to know their children are both being taught, and being kept safe
  • Children… well, want to get home for their favourite after school snack and some down time… healthy

Below is a short video which explains how FetchKids is able to help control school pickup to reduce congestion, reduce contact… fast and safely, through staggered communicated dismissal and live GPS tracking.

Watch this video… and to find out more about FetchKids follow this link.