MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA, April 22, 2013 – Bestrane Group

SecondBite, an innovative not for profit organisation that collects surplus food that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to agencies for people in need, is getting more food delivered with fewer kilometres thanks to optimising vehicle routes with Bestrane’s fully hosted On Demand Route Optimisation tool.

SecondBite collects surplus fresh food from a range of donors and redistributes it to community food programs around Australia. Food is donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events. This surplus food is redistributed to community food programs that support people who are homeless, women and families in crisis, youth at risk, indigenous communities, asylum seekers and new arrivals. To date SecondBite have delivered over 6 million tonnes of produce that would have otherwise been wasted from hundreds of locations. With unpredictable pickup locations, variable volumes, largely volunteer staff and donated vehicles, SecondBite has a scheduling challenge that would defeat most planners. Add to this the fact that the people receiving the food really need it, and it’s a challenging job, says Doug Saunders, SecondBite’s Victorian State Manager. “We have to make sure that every time we’re offered food we actually collect it and redistribute it, to keep faith with our generous donors, but also to make sure that it gets to where it’s needed as quickly as possible.  We operate under extremely tight deadlines and with very limited vehicles and drivers, we have to make every minute of every day count. Route Planner On Demand has increased the number of pickups and drops we can do with the current fleet.  It’s as if we have another truck”.

Using Route Planner On Demand also makes it easier for SecondBite to plan for expanding the range of pickups and community food programs coming on board. As the number and type of food suppliers expands, Route Planner On Demand simplifies the challenge of planning an increasingly complex network. “…it’s much easier to plan for the changes in volume and to integrate those drops into existing routes”. Says Doug:

“In addition we can now modify daily pickups and reroute the entire day’s operations in seconds dramatically increasing our ability to react”

Route Planner On Demand is supplied as a fully hosted platform requiring only a browser and access to the internet., which means it is simple to deploy to the range of SecondBite distribution hubs around Australia

The next stage of deployment is to take advantage of the inbuilt capability of Route Planner On Demand to track the optimised Plan as it is  executed with “near real time” route feedback including GPS, scan, signature and image capture.

David Sanders, Bestrane’s Managing Director stated “SecondBite’s use of Route Planner On Demand demonstrates that the benefits of Route optimisation technology are no longer limited to the large companies with complex technical infrastructure and long implementation periods. It is especially pleasing to see the benefits of optimisation flowing directly to the people that really need it”.

Doug continues: “Bestrane has helped us ensure nothing is wasted – which is, after all, what we do”.

Full press release can be found here.