End to End Solutions

The Descartes Transport Management Suite™ is developed with easy integration in mind.  Each of the Descartes Transport Management Suite™ modules can be integrated within the one platform to provide a full end to end solution to Bestrane’s clients.

Businesses may choose to implement one module at a time and fund further deployment of value add modules with savings and efficiencies gained.

Take for example a local distribution fleet operater who is looking to streamline and improve their route scheduling and planning function.  With the Descartes Transport Management Suite™ they are able to implement either an enterprise or Software as a Service route scheduling solution such as Descartes OnDemand Route Planner.

OnDemand Route Planner will add immediate value to their business by increasing utilisation, reducing kilometres and improving the operation’s efficiency.  Once the business is comfortable with the route scheduling solution they are then able to implement the Descartes OnDemand Dispatch, AVL and MobileLINK module.

The combination of the two modules will enable the operation not only to effectively create efficient route plans but also execute these routes real-time in the field.  The full end to end transport solution will provide Plan V Actual reporting, real-time updates as to location and status, sign on glass capabilities and workflow management.

Bestrane’s End to End Solutions need not require replacement of existing mobility solutions or GPS implementations as Bestrane are able to integrate current hardware and mobility solutions into the Descartes platform.  This reduces cost and increases time to benefit for our clients.

It is the ability for our clients to build next generation logistics solutions that is part of the “Bestrane Difference” enabled by Descartes logistics products.

Enabling Products