Supply Chain Modelling

The aim in Supply Chain modelling is to optimise the cost and service combination.

Reasons to model your current structures could range from capacity constraints, imbalances or cost pressures in the existing network or a major change in supply point.  Bestrane provides a comprehensive Supply Chain modelling and design capability that is identifies future network requirements.

The modelling starts at the customer and works its way back to the business.  Bestrane employs a ‘bottom up’ consulting approach and enablement via our Activity Based Costing methodoloy Focus 8020™ and Supply Modelling tools.

Not only does this approach provide valuable insight into a Supply Chain cost and structure but can aid businesses in preparing transport data for tenders and reporting on contract performance with existing suppliers

Supply Chain modelling and Focus 8020™ enables businessess to understand the following:

  • What level of customer service is required?
  • What products and channels are profitable?
  • What customers are profitable?
  • What level of growth can the network can fulfil?
  • How best to service different market channels?
  • What level of inventory holding is required?
  • What is should my distibution footprint look like?
  • What is the ‘real’ cost of my network?

Enabling Products