Transport Management

Transportation Manager supports order management through consolidation, financial settlement and auditing.

As part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite, the solution features a Web-native design, works across multiple transportation modes,  which enables leading transportation providers and distribution operations to optimise transportation purchases for both operational effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Descartes Transportation Manager helps to answer complex optimisation questions such as:

  • How can I effectively use all of my carrier contracts?
  • Who is the most suitable carrier in this mode to handle my shipment?
  • How do I communicate shipment information to my carriers and trading partners?
  • How do I manage my shipment information through delivery and payment?
  • What shipments can I combine to lower my costs?
  • What combination methods should I use – aggregation, multi-stop routes, or pooling?
  • Which shipment should go on my fleet instead of “subcontractor” carriers?


  • Alleviate headaches associated with managing trading partner data quality and inconsistency.
  • Curtail “hidden” transportation spending.
  • Deliver quick time-to-value for customers.
  • Facilitate compliance with regulatory environments by sharing information in the correct format.
  • Integrate readily with other Descartes solutions such as route planning and dock appointment scheduler for additional efficiency opportunities.
  • Trim transportation costs by 10% or more
  • Provide ability to centrally control transportation spending and data.
  • Reduce drain on internal IT resources because of Webhosted architecture and upgrades.
  • Support enterprise, private/public exchange, and 3PL transport models.

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