Visibility and Execution

Combining route scheduling with visibility and execution provides significant improvements to the way in which distribution operations are managed. This functionality shifts the paradigm from a reactive execution model to a proactive one.

Whether it be workflow management, improving Chain of Responsibility management, sign-on glass needs or just location feeds, Bestrane can assist providing visibility to distribution teams, customer service and management from a centrally accessed platform.

  • Improved fleet management and measurement
  • Easy audit of distribution costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Instaneous COR and KPI reporting
  • Improved job allocation

Utilising Descartes Dispatch and AVLmodules, Bestrane can provide the platform to allow business to track amd monitor their operations.  This does not require swapping out existing mobile solutions as we can integrate easily to existing mobile applications and tracking solutions.

If your business does not have an existing mobility solution Bestrane can assist by utilising Descartes MobileLINK application.

Bestrane can assist in creating a worlds best practice execution model for your business.