Sydney Australia, August 2012. Bestrane is please to announce that Westfield has completed deployment of Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling ™ into it’s bussling metropolitan centre, Westfield Bondi Junction.

Working with the Westfield Bondi Junction management team, and leveraging the knowledge and expertise of Westfield Sydney personnel, deployment was completed within 6 weeks. Within the first week of deployment, over 80 appointments per day were being performed. This has quickly increased to over 200 appointments per day, and is expected to increase until all commercial movements in/out of the centre are being managed through Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling™. “The uptake of appointment bookings at Westfield Bondi Junction has been impressively fast and smooth”, says David Sanders (General Manager for Bestrane). “This is a credit not just to the project team, but the retailer and carrier community embracing this new capability, where the whole trading community benefits”.

For more information of Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling™, click here.