Melbourne Australia – MobileDOCK, a Bestrane Group company, has released a white paper on why city congestion charges, such as those implemented in London, are only short term fixes for traffic congestion in ever growing cities. Ultimately, congestion returns to pre-congestion charge levels, and fail to tackle the underlying issue of actually managing the number of vehicles on the road. Below is an abstract from the white paper.

Some large cities across the global have defined congestion zones in central business and tourist areas, and implemented congestion charges. Many more cities have considered these charges and rejected them due to public pressure, and more are still considering congestion charges. Congestion has many economic, social, and health implications. This paper explores why congestion is bad for cities: how congestion charges has not proved to be the answer to long term congestion relief; and an alternative to increased congestion fees.

Click on the link to download the full white paper:  White Paper - City Congestion - Why congestion charges are only a short term fix for congestion (548 downloads)