Bestrane combines 'real-world' and extensive operationally based industry knowledge, expertise and consultancy services with best of breed software applications to deliver a unique blend of technology enabled solutions.

  1. Online Reservations for Business & Home Deliveries

    With Descartes Reservations Module and OnDemand Capacity Planner, Bestrane’s Business and Home Delivery Planning solution enables companies to make streamlined, customer-focused decisions on routes and service reservations from order to delivery.

    Reservations Users:

    • Online Home Delivery Providers
    • Container Carriers and Patient Transport

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  2. Dock Appointment Scheduling

    Dock Appointment Scheduling is a collaborative web based solution that enables shippers, carriers and consignees to schedule dock door appointments, validate Purchase Orders and ASN’s and manage workflow processes wirelessly whilst onsite.

    Dock Appointment Scheduling Users:

    • Distribution Centres
    • Retail Shopping Centres, Building Sites and Mines

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  3. Visibility & Execution

    Bestrane’s visibility and execution module allows integration of existing or provided mobility solutions to provide real-time location and event status AGAINST a developed route plan

    Visibility and Execution Users:

    • FMCG and Retail Businesses
    • Third Party Logistics Providers including Courier, Linehaul and Local Distribution Operators

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  4. Route Scheduling

    Bestrane provides low cost, easy to implement enterprise and web based software solutions for all routing problems but the expertise to ensure any implementation is a success

    Route Scheduling and Planning Users:

    • FMCG and Retail Businesses
    • Courier and Contract Fleet Operations
    • Newspaper Deliveries and Maintenance / Inspection Businesses

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  5. Transport Management

    Transport Management allows logistics managers, shippers and third parties to simultaneously evaluate shipment alternatives to find the most efficient shipping method and select it whilst meeting all service level agreements with its customers.

    Transport Mangement Users:

    • FMCG and Retail Companies
    • Third and Fourth Party Logistics Providers

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  6. Sales & Territory Planning

    Sales and Territory Planning creates the balance between call “Efficiency” and “Effectiveness” and can be used for all sales and delivery models requiring balanced territories with low cost daily routes

    Sales and Territory Planning Users:

    • FMCG and Retail Sales Organisation
    • Waste Management, Milk and Fuel Companies

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  7. Supply Chain Modelling

    By optimising the cost and service combination Bestrane can provide assistance to companies seeking to understand their current distribution footprint and identify areas where efficiency can be gained and simulate the bottom line and service impact of new scenarios.

    Supply Chain Modelling Users:

    • FMCG, Retail and Manufacturing companies

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