Bestrane Focus8020™

Focus 8020™ Analysis makes it possible to identify, prioritise and execute strategic projects in a targeted and time focused manner with quantified goals and objectives.

Bestrane Gateway™

Bestrane Gateway™ integrates carriers existing GPS provider information to the Descartes wGLN, and makes this vehicle location available to Descartes On Demand Route Planner and Dispatch service.

Bestrane MobileDock™

MobileDOCK™ is a community focused appointment booking and execution solution designed to allow destination locations, to set the policies under which the loading dock bays and other space assets will be managed and monitored.

Bestrane Notification Service™

Bestrane Notification Service™ (BNS) is used to monitor and detect changes in data, in near real time, and initiate automatic outbound communications.

Bestrane Speed Monitor™

Bestrane Speed Monitor™ allows organisations to monitor and manage driver/truck speed - the number 1 factor affecting safety and fuel economy.

Bestrane Truck Tracker™

Truck Tracker™ allows carriers to GPS track vehicles simply with the use of a plug and connect using the Geotab Go device.

Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling™

Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling™ is a collaborative solution that enables shippers, retailers, suppliers, carriers and consignees to schedule dock door appointments.

Descartes MobileLink™

Descartes MobileLINK™ provides integrated two-way wireless communication and passive monitoring capabilities for enhanced logistics execution. It extends traditional route planning by incorporating a free flow of information between dispatch and the field.

Descartes On-Demand Route Planner™

Part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite, Descartes Route Planner On-demand is based on an affordable subscription model and is available on a pay-as-you-go basis to reduce upfront costs and help meet your organization’s need for logistics functionality.

Descartes Reservations™

Descartes Reservations™ facilitates online scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries; either self-service or as a decision support tool for customer service agents.

Descartes Route Planner RS™ (Roadshow RS)

Descartes Route Planner RS™ builds optimal plans based on available routes, fleet resources, and field personnel including large and small sales and merchandising business

Descartes Route Planner™

Descartes Route Planner is a true enterprise-wide route planning solution. Descartes Route Planner is part of the Descartes Delivery Management™ Suite and incrementally builds shipment schedules and route plans.

Descartes Sales and Territory Planning™

Top line growth is the number one objective for consumer oriented manufacturers and distributors. Being able to manage the sales representative and merchandiser activity end-to end is one of the keys to driving top line growth.

Descartes Transport Management™

Descartes Transportation Manager™ lets logistics managers, shippers and third parties simultaneously evaluate shipment alternatives to find the most efficient shipping method and select it. It optimises transportation purchases for both operational effectiveness and cost efficiency.


Make pickups smoother for parents, students, and administrators with powerful school dismissal software. FetchKids organizes and streamlines the entire pickup process and makes things easier for everyone involved. Simplify how your students are dismissed.


Bestrane proudly brings the world’s largest commercial telematics company to our Australian customers.


Glympse™ is a branded customer experience based upon location. Glympse™ helps companies empower their customers, by providing certainty around deliveries and services, eliminating customer anxiety, and increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time greatly reducing inbound service calls to a companies call centre, reducing costs. Glympse™ pioneered temporary location based sharing technology.

RouteSmart for ArcGIS

RouteSmart provides affordable, scalable and proven routing technology solutions along with unmatched professional expertise.

RouteSmart Routing as a Service

RouteSmart Routing as a Service™ is able to solve highly complex, dense (every house), routing problems in extremely short times. Many thousands of stops can be routed into compact efficient trips/tours in minutes, not hours. Used by mail, courier, municipalities, city councils all over the globe.